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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Magic Formula #2


1.5 GAL   HOT WATER(rain or distilled) Soft water is what you are looking for.

NOTE- Be sure to use Dawn Non Ultra dish soap. The product in stores now is Ultra concentrated and does not work with the formula.

This can be doubled and make 3 gallons.
  1. Boil 1 gallon of the water and add to ½ gallon.
  2. Slowly sprinkle J-Lube powder in hot water while stirring very slowly with paint mixer on cordless drill or long handled spoon. Gentle action keeps polymer chains in the 2 lubes from breaking apart. Mix 2-3 minutes
  3. Do the same with Surgilube.
  4. Add glycerin and stir.
  5. Add soaps and stir. Try not to create foam.

J-Lube is a product used by veterinarians. You might be able to get it from a local vet.
Surgilube is used in hospitals. It is like K-Y Jelly.
Glycerin needs to be pure. Drugstore product usually not good and spendy in small amounts.

Suppliers I use:

Dawn Non Ultra dish soap- (enter product # 037000172208). I get 32 oz. containers. This site is the only place I have found to get this. If you find somewhere else, please let me know.
Dawn Pots and Pans- Local Northwest Cash&Carry Store or commercial cleaning supply store. You can find it on line also. Google
J-Lube - Product # J3-D1
Surgilube- I search around the internet to find the best price.
Glycerine- Essential SKU Glycerin-Veg-2    I get this in 2 gallon lots when they offer free shipping.

All my loops are just materials in a circle, tied with rubber bands onto 3/8 dowels from Home Depot. This works for the smaller loops. The larger ones are on longer poles and are hard to get down into a container of solution. I add a 6-8 inch extension to the sides of the loop to allow the loop to get down into the solution without dipping the end of the poles into the solution.
I use plain old cotton string that I single crochet in a chain to get a loop. Also use bamboo, silk, tercel, and soy yarns. Anything that will soak up solution and release it slowly. Wool or synthetic material doesn't work.
Piping material used in upholstery works. JoAnn's Fabric has it in different sizes. I use the smallest.  We all keep trying different things, always looking for something better. You will find some work better in certain conditions than others.

The best bubbling weather is in high humidity/cool temp. with very slow wind. That is when I get the 12' loops out and make the big bubbles..

The soap film is like a sail on a boat. The stronger the wind, the smaller the sail. That is why you use small loops in strong wind to make smaller bubbles. You can use larger loops but just barely open them up makes a smaller film.

Being in the shade helps on a sunny day.

Try right after a rain.

Go online to YouTube and search for big soap bubbles and you will see how it all works.

Most important is to be prepared to be rushed by kids wanting to break the bubbles and also don't forget to go in for dinner.:-)  Happy bubbling.

The "Magic" Formula #1

First of all, yes the picture is real and not altered as far as the bubble is concerned. Those of you who know how will notice some pixel changes where a car was removed, but it was the best tube bubbling day I have ever had.

So many have asked for "the formula" this summer. I thought this would be the best way to get the information to you and others to come. Also I would hope this could become a "meeting spot" for Northwest Bubblers to share information.

If you become a bubble nut as I have, you will get the same questions we all do. Please feel free to send them to this blog for the beginning answers into the crazy world of bubbling.
I am a relative 2 year old newbee to bubbling. Most of what I know I learned from the Bubble Master, Sterling Johnson. If you want to see some incredible things done with bubbles, search YouTube for his name.

So here is the formula and how I have learned to mix it. Try it, explore more for yourselves and report back in and let's see where this goes.
For you from camp meeting, I apologize for taking so long to get this to you. My hopes would be for us all to show up next year at camp meeting and bubble every morning.

One thing I always tell anyone before they start their first bubble----Don't hold me responsible for your mental well being once you start bubbling.  I say this because some of you will not be able to get the "child" in you to quit when the "adult" in you, or others, says it is time to stop. When that happens(and it will), that inner turmoil is your problem, not mine.:-)
With that said- I wish you all the joy and delight from one of God's most bright and beautiful creations!!!!